Alan's Gallon Christmas Jar (Cover)Alan has a wish this Christmas, and it is sure to take everyone by surprise.  His only wish is to reach the hearts of his classmates that tease him for being less fortunate. After mustering all of the courage and determination he can, Alan finds himself delivering Christmas invitations to three of his classmates while a frigid December blizzard takes its hold on the 1920’s ‘Norman Rockwell’ style town. One by one, his three classmates arrive at his unique shack carrying meaningful gifts to offer one another, giving them a Christmas Eve celebration unlike any other they have experienced. When the words of Alan’s Christmas invitation are finally revealed in this surprising and heartfelt ending, you will be left with a smile on your face and tears in your eyes. Alan’s Gallon Christmas Jar is sure to become a Christmas novelty, giving the opportunity for children, young and old, to cherish the true meaning and value of friendship, compassion, and the holiday spirit.


Series Title Styles

The seemingly quaint, small town of Nero is plagued by strange occurrences; a machine turns children into ghouls, mummies wreak havoc, and a space laser is set to destroy the town. In an effort to help save Nero from malevolent forces, six children have transformed their varying types of cancer and special needs into heroic abilities.

Before they can set out on mystery solving adventures, they must find their final recruit. When their search lands them in the dreadful ‘Forbidden Zone’, the wicked Dr. Vell tries to prevent Nero’s Heroes from successfully completing their first mission but ends up getting a taste of his own medicine.

FUN FACT! Yes We Can Sir is inspired by two beautiful girls that M.S. Aarons worked with. Sarah and Tia are both vivacious & fun girls that are so full of life!

Sarah and her smiles!
Tia is so happy!

M.S. Aarons was driven to write YES WE CAN SIR because there is a very real lack of picture books featuring children with special needs or cancer that put the focus on an adventurous story as opposed to their disability. Her goal is to write these stories in a way that makes them shine as the courageous heroes that they truly are.

(Mission 1: The Final Recruit is currently being illustrated. Books 2 & 3  are in the illustration queue!)


In addition to Alan’s Gallon Christmas Jar & Yes We Can Sir, M. S. Aarons has 14 more books currently being finished/illustrated. Please stay tuned to for information, as she is in the process of searching for an agent.

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