About M. S. Aarons

M. S. Aarons           M. S. Aarons is the creator and author of Alan’s Gallon Christmas Jar, and many more books that are currently in the process of being written and illustrated. She writes with the hope and intent of helping children see potential in themselves, and others, while experiencing the magic and wonder that the imagination can bring. Being an avid lover of thought provoking ideas and unconventional story telling, she has a unique approach to writing where a character’s intentions and morality are almost always at the forefront of her stories.

           She dreams of one day changing the world by reaching out to children and helping them understand kindness and compassion in a way that can reach their heart, mind, funny bone, and soul. Children have always been her biggest passion in life, leading her into a career of Applied Behavior Analysis and teaching language through Verbal Behavior techniques to children that have various special needs.


Vincent J Alcarese

             She is fortunate to say that she has found the love of her life, Vincent J Alcarese. As well as being that cheese to her wine, he also happens to be an incredible artist and the illustrator for her books! Vince grew up in Maryland and was heavily influenced by all things “80’s”, and to this day can be found playing with his He-Man toys or reading comic books. Well versed in oil painting and much more, his first art teacher was his grandfather. His mother is also an artist, and would have Vince draw the pictures from his fairy tale books that they would read together when he was a child.

              With the encouragement of his mother, father, family, and friends, Vince pursued a career in art by graduating Columbia College in Chicago, IL with a BA in Film/Fine Art. His mediums include acrylic, watercolor, oil, digital, sketch, sculpture, and pretty much every other art medium you can fathom! You may view some of his art work here: http://www.vintagevinnies.com/pages/sold-works.


M. S. Aarons and Vincent J Alcarese              Utilizing each of their talents, they have set their sights on making a splash in the children’s literary world. Together, their unique stories and heartfelt messages are sure to take the world of children’s literature by storm!

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